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viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Dónde? Where?

La idea es encontrar una casa bonita y grande.
Cecilia ha encontrado una en Piacenza, cuesta unos 500 euros.
Pero quizás alguien tenga una casa en algún lugar, perdido, en un bosque de fresas... o se le ocurra un lugar mejor.

The idea is to find a nice and a big house somewhere.
Cecilia has found a house in Piacenza, that cost around 500 euros.
maybe someone has a big house somewhere, lost in a forest of strawberries... or someone knows a better place.

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  1. El otro día sonaban cánticos de Ischia, pero no sé si los he soñado.

    ¡Que hable Valerio!

  2. Valerio Valerio.
    puedes comentarnos en el blog el email que has mandado en inglés?
    por cierto... hay alguien que no habla inglés o castellano?

  3. eccomi, in inglese maccheronico:

    these are my options

    option n.1 : Ischia
    Ischia is a little beautiful island in front of Naples, a friend offered us her home, with place for 7/8 people.

    option n.2 : Cattolica
    in Cattolica i have place for 10 people (more or less), a huge kitchen for cooking and big tables to eat together and do stuff, bicycle and etc..
    Cattolica is a small town situated in central Italy, a couple of hours (with car) from many beautiful places. the house does not cost anything.

    an option does not exclude the other,
    i will like to go in both places

  4. ah!

    the third option, (i really like this one)
    Topolò, (topolove) is the smaller cities of Italy, (only 33 people live there!) is located in the mountains near the border with Slovenia.
    we can find there a big house at a very chip price


  5. so, for me everythings is the same.
    good ischia, topolove and cattolica.
    The only important thing is spendig time with you.

  6. Fourth option:

    Big architect's house in Luciana (La Mancha). There's a really nice place for work, near the pool, covered, in a garden, bar aside :)
    Place for 6, being really confortable, and for 10 sharing beds (double beds, of course).
    Small village. It's located in the confluence of two rivers, two kayaks avalaible.
    Nice place.


    It's only free between 14 and 22 of July (family issues).

    For me, as Cecilia said, every option sounds great and will be surely fantastic.